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Here is the complete list of our courses.

Scratch Coding 101 – 301
Awaken your coding skills with this course. This class offers Scratch coding basics to advanced. We’ll focus on creating your own games, animations, and stories using a block learning program called Scratch.
Some previous experience with Scratch is recommended for 201 and is required for 301.

Python 101 – 201
In this course, you will create programs with Python, a popular programming language. We will focus on the different plug-ins in Python, and learn some basic functions in 101. In 201, we will explore arrays, tuples, and advanced data types.

C++ Bootcamp
Full bootcamp of all of our C++ courses (001-005). For a full list of what’s covered, look below at the description for C++ 001-005 description.

C++ 001 – 005
Each class is a one-time class that covers the respective information for that class (listed below). For a full bootcamp of all of the classes, take the C++ Bootcamp.
001 – Basics
002 – Input/Output, Datatypes
003 – If/Then Statements, Booleans
004 – Loops
005 – Arrays

HTML 101 – 201
Learn how to create your own website using HTML in this course. This class offers some basic HTML in 101, and advanced HTML + CSS in 201. It is recommended that you take the classes in order unless you are already familiar with HTML basics.

Swift Basics
In this course, you will learn how to develop apps for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS using Apple’s language, Swift. We will focus on creating games and puzzles using Swift. Knowledge of Object-Oriented Programing (OOP) is required. If you want to publish your apps to the App Store, a $90 Apple Developer subscription is required.

NOTE: Not all courses may be available at any given time.